The Complete List Apple HomePod Commands You Should Know

Here is the list of some of the Best Apple HomePod Siri commands to control Home, smartphone and much more. These HomePod commands will help you can get the most out of your HomePod Apple devices.

Apple HomePod Commands

The Apple HomePod is a $1346 the powerful smart home speaker that showcases the artificially intelligent, voice-activated Siri assistant. It lets you set timers, manage calls, control Homekits, play music, and more will some of the best Apple HomePod commands.

For now, Apple hasn’t out a full list of commands of HomePod, so did research and found some of the useful HomePod commands that will help you to do everything hands-free. So, let see out the list of Apple Homepod commands we have found and in a case, if we miss anything, don’t hesitate to tell us through comments. We will appreciate your replies. Once you have set up HomePod, then you can follow these HomePod commands to manage your daily task elegantly. Let’s jump over the list!

The Complete List of Voice Commands for Apple HomePod Siri so far

List of music command for HomePod

  • Play Beats 1 Radio
  • Play something else by Royal Blood (You can ask for any artist or band name)
  • What was the top song in 1983 (You can ask for any year)
  • Play I’m Poppy
  • I like this song (adds the song to your favorites)
  • Play something mellow
  • What is the newest album by Khalid (you can ask for any artist name)
  • Play Green Light after this song (you can name any song)
  • Play dance music
  • When was this song released?
  • Play more songs like this
  • Who’s the drummer in this?
  • Play more like that
  • Play the Moana soundtrack (you can name any movie)
  • Add this to my workout playlist (you can name any playlist)
  • Play some lullabies in the baby’s room
  • Play something new
  • Who’s singing?
  • What was the top song on May 5th 2016? (you can ask for any date)
  • Play 24K Magic next (you can name any song)
  • Play hardcore punk (you can name any genre)
  • When was this recorded?
  • Play me some classic rock

List of HomePod commands for HomeKit

  • Are any lights on?
  • Turn on the front yard sprinkleres
  • Cool the house to 67 degrees (you can ask for any temperature)
  • Good Morning
  • Dim the bedroom lights
  • Close the blinds
  • What is the air quality right now?
  • I’m home
  • What’s the temperature in here?
  • Turn on the lights
  • Open the shades halfway
  • Make it warmer upstairs
  • Open the blinds
  • Turn off the lights downstairs (you can name any part of the house)
  • What’s the temperature in Mateo’s room? (change the room name)
  • Turn up the air conditioning
  • Good night
  • It’s movie night (plays a movie)
  • Make it cooler
  • Close the shades

List some useful HomePod commands

  • When do the Red Sox play next? (you can name any team)
  • How windy is out there?
  • What time is it in Panama? (you can ask for any city)
  • Set a 3 minute time
  • Text Erik, meet me at the Kabuki Theater at 7 (you have to speak the name and
  • message as per your need)
  • How long will it take to drive to Tahoe? (you can ask for any location)
  • Wake me up at 5 AM
  • Tell me the latest news
  • Remind me to move my car
  • Tune to NPR instead
  • Play the latest S-TOWN podcast (you can ask for any podcast)
  • When is the Father’s day? (or mother’s day or any other special day)
  • What’s the best Korean barbecue restaurant nearby? (you can ask for any cuisine)
  • What are the most popular mountains in California?
  • Did the Golden State Warriors win last night? (you can name any team)
  • What’s the score in the World Cup match?
  • Remind me to bring snacks to Melo’s party
  • What books are written by James Patterson? (you can name any author)
  • Flip a coin
  • What time is Alamo Drafthouse open till? (you can ask for any popular place)

Closing lines

Well, this was just a short list of Apple HomePod command. There are more commands yet to announce. Once you we receive the more HomePod commands, we will update this list. Have you started using Apple HomePod? How it doing? Drop comments below!


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