How to Send and Receive Money in WhatsApp with UPI on Android and iPhone

Send and Receive Money in WhatsApp

Finally, WhatsApp Payment feature has been rolled out Android and iOS users. As for now, the feature is available only for some WhatsApp Beta users on the version 2.18.21 for iOS users and v2.18.44 for Android users. It will soon available in the stable version of the app. If you running the beta version, then here you can see the full tutorial to send and receive money on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

To provide secure UPI payment, WhatsApp partnered with ICICI bank of India. Since online UPI payment method started growing in India, the company has decided to add UPI WhatsApp payment method for Indian users. Well, the process of sending and receiving money using WhatsApp is a really simple task. You will just need to add your bank account to the WhatsApp account and start making payment with a couple of taps. Let me show you how you can send and request money in WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iPhone!

How to Send and Receive Money in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Make sure that you are running WhatsApp Beta version of the app on your Android and iOS device.

Step #1: Open WhatsApp on your device.

Step #2: Next, tap on the three dots at the top right corner and tap on the Settings

Step #3: Select Payments and verify your number.

Send and Receive Money in WhatsApp

Step #4: Now select your bank and add your bank account.

Step #5: Once your bank account has been added, go back to the person’s profile you want to send or receive money.

Step #6: Now tap on the attachment icon and tap on Payment.

Step #7: Now enter the amount, add your debit card and then Pay.

Step #8: To receive money, open the chat, tap on Add Card option, add your Debit card and set the payment account.

That’s it!

Now your WhatsApp is ready to make the secure payment through UPI from your Android and iPhone. Well, this was the steps followed in the WhatsApp Beta version of the app. It may be changed in the final version of the app.

Final Words

So, are you excited to use WhatsApp Payment feature? Have you found the feature worthy or not? I guess it will help more for WhatsApp Business. If you have any feedback, tell us in the comments.


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