How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

It does not matter either you have your personal account or if you are running an account on behalf of your company, you should go through the following tactic that can be proved highly beneficial for you.

Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

With more than 800 million monthly users and achieving sky-high user engagement levels, Instagram stood 2nd. Instagram has around 80% of users who are associated with the business. Of course, it is the best platform for the purpose of marketing and that’s why markets are getting accustomed to Instagram for their business. Instagram has also successfully updated their Buffer’s Instagram account via maximum likes and shares.

It does not matter either you have your personal account or if you are running an account on behalf of your company, you should go through the following tactic that can be proved highly beneficial for you.

  1. Maintain consistency of your posts (on daily basis)

In the last year, 2017, Tailwind studied around 100,000 Instagram profiles via Visual marketing tool. They have studied the relation of consistency of posts and engagement level plus follower growth. Their studies have shown the direct relationship between these two actions. Further, that account who post on daily basis is more probable to Buy Instagram Followers uk and followers at a rapid pace. So if you post just once a day you can double the growth of your followers.

  1. Enhance visual ads via Stories videos and live videos

Although Instagram is dictated as photo-sharing network, now it has grown beyond just photos. Recently it has allowed its users to add videos, stories and even can go for live videos which are also proved to be the reason for improved engagement levels. Let’s go through some essentials for posting these new content types:

  • Primarily it will help you to enhance engagements levels for videos rather than images.
  • If you choose to go live on Instagram, you will visible at the front of the Stories feed.
  • Instagram Stories option is utilized by more than250 million people in a day.
  • In 2018, around 68% of marketers have decided to use the story option after a detailed survey.
  1. Use engaging and quality hashtags

On most of the blogs, discussion about hashtags is commonly seen. The actual worth of hashtags is seen on Instagram. If you are using the appropriate type of hashtags, the beauty of your image will be enhanced. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about creating hashtags as they are easily available on Instagram. The recent studies of Simply Measured have found that those Instagram posts that have hashtags and location tag are prone to have the highest engagement level. So in simple words, hashtags and location tags can be the fastest way of getting the attention of users.

  1. Create user-generated content

Few companies have increased they follow counts up to 400% by generating user-based content.

You may though it to be a very difficult task but in actual it’s just like 123… the brands are using best-of-the-best user content via web and posting them on their social media account. But don’t forget to give credentials to the original creator. Let’s take examples of buffer who have started using simple hashtags likes #BufferCommunity and #BufferStories. These hashtags are proved to open other ways of content options from curated stories of digital rovers to the special social media tips from marketers.

  1. Cooperate with others

This is the easiest way of extending your Instagram account by simply joining hands with others. It can be a partnership or sponsorship. Take an example of collaboration with Brian Fanzo, CEO, and founder of iSocialFanz by taking over each other’s Instagram Stories. That helps both companies to share their audience.

  1. Choose most accurate timing of posts

More than five studies were made just regarding the exact timing which is required to engage the audience. Studies have shown that you cannot fix time as it changes universally. But you can say that there is a fixed time for every brand. With respect to Instagram, in time posts matter a lot. Time is managed according to the active hours of your target audience. Obviously, it’s not easy to access this information but here are given a few points which you should not miss:

  • Simply tap your profile photo on your Instagram app
  • Click on the Instagram Insights icon (appears like a bar chart)
  • Scroll straight down to the “Followers” segment and click on “See more”

Now go to the bottom of the page, you will have a complete schedule of days of the week as well as hours of the day in which most of your followers are found active. For instance, assume that your target audience is most active on Thursdays and in between 9 am to 3 pm ET. Plus you can also get enough information about your follower’s experiments in these specific hours.

You can also go for Instagram analytics tools like Iconosquare or buffer specifically for business to allocate the best hours of posting on Instagram. It will help you when you don’t have a business profile on Instagram.


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