Five Hottest Features of the New Samsung Note 9

Although Samsung Note 9 can be heavy on the pocket, it is an investment worth making. The new features make it a top ‘wish list’ item. With its sleek body and variety of colors to choose from, the phone is a hot favorite!

Samsung Note 9

The hype that surrounds the release of new iPhones and Samsung phones is what people await!

The moment a model is released, possible features for the next start making rounds on the internet. Because of the tech junkies!

When it comes to technology, there are two types of people. The undereducated, not so tech savvy ones. In contrast, there are people whose elaborate knowledge of tech issues make them the perfect go-to candidate should a problem arise. They would go to great lengths to explain the issue at hand. A simple thing like the telephone service that one should opt for (e.g. spectrum tv select); will be thoroughly explained by them. Where they will explain the features of a particular service, comprehensively compare it with others in the market and guide you well.

Talking of technology, new Samsung Note 9 has some hot upgraded features:

#1: DEX Mode

Smartphone or desktop?

If you have had the experience to use Samsung Galaxy 9, you’d know exactly why this question was put forward.

This means that the mobile can be used to display the interface of a desktop on its screen. It can be operated exactly like a desktop. Although the feature was first introduced in the Galaxy S8 version of the mobile, you had to purchase a separate DEX Dock back then. However, now you can connect to an external monitor or mouse without investing in the dock. The feature comes built-in in the new Samsung Note 9 sets.

#2: No Storage Capacity is Too Much

While iPhones have a maximum storage capacity of 256 GB (they do not even have the option of installing the SD card in the mobile, Samsung just upped its storage capacity game.

Remember when Terabyte was just another term you memorized to pass the Physics exam. Back then, you’d think that you would never come across this term in real life. Well, Samsung is telling you otherwise.

The new Galaxy S 9 comes with a storage capacity of 512 GB and will soon be introducing an SD card with the same capacity. This card will be one of its kind as it is the highest capacity an SD card has (in the world). Do you realize what a 512 GB storage capacity with a 512 GB SD card adds up to? A Terabyte of solid, fast storage!

This makes Samsung the first 1TB storage capable phone.

#3: The Camera’s Way Too Honest

Apart from the AI rich camera that Galaxy S 9 is blessed with, it has another feature that the girls would love the most (just an assumption). The camera can now warn you if you have taken a bad (read: blurry) picture. All you have to do is enable this feature in the mobile’s setting and you won’t need to WhatsApp gazillion pictures to your bestie, asking her to pick the best one for you. This happens right after you click a picture (yes it is that efficient). The moment you take a picture the camera will tell you if it was blurry or if the lens was dirty. And you can click another picture at that very moment.

#4: S Pen Be the Talk of the Town

The feature that excited the majority was the new Bluetooth S Pen and its versatility. Yes, you read that right, the S Pen now has Bluetooth connectivity to it.

Do you realize what that means?

Here is an elaboration.

This means that now you can control your camera, your music app or your presentation slides with the S Pen from as far as 30 meters.

#5: Dual Aperture Camera

The dual aperture camera is so smart that it adjusts to the brightness of the surroundings or the darkness alike by itself. Basically, it operates like the human eye. You can actually play along with the apertures to create a mood of your own if you wish.

Such features. Much wow. Honestly. Time to switch to Galaxy S 9 maybe? Well, you would need to save money for that, for sure. Or just hope that some service that you are availing Optimum Deals for internet, as an assumption) comes up with a giveaway scheme, you take part in it and get lucky enough to win!

Ah, if only!


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