Factories in China continue to be shutdown, whole world is on lockdown


About 20% of the world’s population is lockdown. The house is closed. The markets are closed. Schools have been set up at government offices. All travel equipment has been stopped. Everybody is at home. The state where the coronavirus started spreading has become normal. Life is falling back on China now. People are exiting in Hubei Province.

People in China are now going to work. China is now back to normal two months after lockdown did not make the whole world. People are leaving their homes on the roads, markets, malls, hospitals, etc.

The restrictions on travel to Hubei have been lifted. It has brought great relief to the people there. People are now going to meet their people by taking train and bus tickets.

The offices are open. Factories have opened. People have begun collecting masks, zipper bags and things to fight against. People are stepping on the road to breathe in the open air.

In China, a total of 3 coroner cases came up on Tuesday. Yes there are people who were trapped anywhere and are now going back to their country. Last week the number was 78. Which is now diminishing.

Wuhan City’s lockdown will be completed on April 8. At this time, the Chinese government is focusing on Corona issues that are reaching China from other countries. Because China is no longer facing the new issue of Corona locally in China.

People are starting to go to the restaurant now. Many restaurants are even offering buy one and get one for free. Speaking on a loud speaker. However, people across China are still not removing the mask from the face.

Those who are going to work on their own are also having to follow the rules related to the corps as stated by the government. So that this problem does not happen again.

People going to offices, factories are being examined for 30 minutes. They have to follow all the rules of health. They have to say that they have not been in the high-risk zone for the last 7 days.

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