This builder of Surat made an offer to the government to build a 400-bed hospital on its construction site


The Corona virus is widespread across the country. The government has declared a lockdown for 21 days across the country. Then the social worker and builder of Surat has offered to the government that five buildings are ready on their construction site.

Social activist Praveen Bhalla said, “We have to fight together in the epidemic that has spread in the present.” Not only the government but the service body, the builders and the doctors have to come forward. Five buildings are ready at the construction site at my Villanja.

It has more than 200 flats which means that if the government wants it, a 400-bed temporary hospital can be built for Corona. In this regard, I have also presented this to Health Minister Kumar Kanani and MLAs Zalavadia and Harsh Sanghvi through WhatsApp.

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