Did Putin really leave tiger-lion open on Russia’s roads?


Corona virus has spread to 185 countries worldwide. People are losing their lives every day. All countries of the world are fighting against Corona using all their resources. Yet many nations have lost the virus. Including Spain and Italy.

Meanwhile, social media is claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is appealing to people to stay in homes because of the corona virus but people are not convinced. So that he has left 800 tigers and lions on public roads.

Viral video in social media

The message has spread like wildfire across various social networks with the support of President Putin’s name. People are sharing this news as it is. Someone on Twitter shared a message that Putin gave the Russians two options, stay in their homes for two weeks or stay in prison for five years. There is no way out of this. They have left 800 tigers and lions on the road to prevent people from leaving the house.

When this social media message was tested, it was discovered that the news being circulated on social media was totally false. The photos of the lion are going viral are almost four years old. These pictures were published in the Daily Mail in 2016 and are from Africa. A lion came here four years ago.

The situation in Russia In Russia, more than 300 cases of corona virus have been reported in Russia. While one has died. Corona virus is spreading rapidly in many parts of the country.

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