American company suits: Corona vaccine will soon come to market


The Corona virus vaccine will come sooner than expected. A pharmaceutical company based in the United States has been working on researching the Corona virus vaccine for Mordona. The company announced Monday that it will be able to make the vaccine in limited quantities before the fall season very quickly. The company submitted a disclosure report on Monday to the US Security and Exchange Commission.

The report cited the statement of Mordona’s CEO Stephen Bensel, who gave it to Goldman’s representatives. In a statement, Bensel said, the commercially available vaccines could not be obtained for six to six months. But this vaccine may be available to some people for emergency use. Which may include people working in the health care department. And this will be possible before the fall season of this year.

Mordona’s company is developing an anti-corona vaccine called mRNA-1273. The vaccine is based on research from the US-based Vaccine Research Center and the National Institutes of Technology and Infection Disease.

The work done on the Phase 1 study of the vaccine has been given to the first patient on March 16, 2020. Scientists and doctors are still observing the safety and prevention of this dose first. In this program a healthy person will be given a dose of the vaccine at intervals of 28 days.

According to the report, 3 healthy adults will be included in the study. The vaccine will be commercially marketed after keeping them under surveillance for twelve months.

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