Banking has become a lot hassle-free these days. Most of us have a bank account. But not all have access to net banking. Netbanking is a very useful and efficient way to access your bank account at your palm

Every bank provides with net banking. This article will provide useful insights. How to activate net banking for your account

Here we will take the bank like HDFC. We need to follow the following steps

Getting customer ID

The bank will provide you with a Paper. This paper will have your customer id and I-pin inside it. Make sure to open the envelope carefully.


Now, You need to open the site to hdfc net banking.

The page will look like this


The page will lead to the following image. Click on REGISTER FOR NETBANKING BY GENERATING OTP. The OTP will come to the registered mobile number. The number you provide while opening your account should preferably be your permanent number.

After completing the above process. You will be directed to the next page. This page will ask for your customer id. Insert the customer Id provided in the envelope


After inserting your customer id. You have to enter your i-pin. Your I-pin is your net banking password (temporary). The password can be changed afterward.

This is a fairly simple process. Thus you have enrolled for net banking. Now you have your bank on the palm of your hands. You can access your bank anywhere you want. You just need a good internet connection

Mobile banking

One advancement of net banking is mobile banking. All your bank details on your cell phone. HDFC bank has an application called PAYZAPP. And SBI bank has one named YONOSBI.

Just like a I-pin in net banking the banks provide an M-pin to activate for mobile banking. In some cases, the M-Pin directly is sent on the customers registered mobile number

There are certain things you need to be careful when it comes to net banking and mobile banking. There have been many cases of fraudulent practices at times. While registering for net banking the bank won’t ask for any money. Never give your details to anyone on phone. While performing net banking make sure to have a secure connection. Avoid net banking at cyber cafes unless it is of utmost urgency. And make sure to remove all the passwords after. Never autosave the passwords

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